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Andre Ellington’s Hair Gets Tackled..


Andre Ellington Hair Gets Ripped Out During Game 


IMG_0362[1]Sometimes when we are in a moment of total intensity, we tend not to realize any type of minor injury or bruise or cut that we might get when playing any type of sport activity.


An example of that was one with Arizona Cardinalsplayer Andre Ellington that had such encounter.


Elllington and the Cardinals were facing off against the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday.


In the course of the game Ellington had received a handoff from his fellow teammate, then he ran toward a large crowd of players.


You would probably guess from there he would get tackled, which he did.


It was then at that moment he felt a tug on his hair (he sports dreadlocks), and was tackled while he hair was bring pulled in the 



After the play had finished, the opposing team player Jason Baben of the Jaguars had emerged with a large sized lock of Ellington’s hair hold it in his hand.


Now from what I saw it looked like a nice chunk of hair that was ripped out, LOL and Ellington did say that he didn’t feel any type of rip or pain (adrenaline helped there you think?) when he was being tackled that moment.


So I’m thinking later on though, he probably started to feel some pain after all of the adrenaline wore off.


It has been a substantiated fact that over the years of contact sports being played out up until now, has claim injury to players that just seem to get right back up into the game ready for more.


A sacrifice of the body yea, but not the mind it seems.


Most would just say to themselves, those guys are too brutal..


But when gather around their buddies, the scene and mood changes COMPLETELY.


They themselves turn into “literal” animals (in a mental sense), LOL and they don’t realize their shift in characteristics of their actions.


Just like the Caveman we did come from that time period in history so long ago, but the same type of attitudes, actions, and adrenaline fueled situations depending on what they would face or squaring off against each other (this mostly would involved the Cavegirl), who winds up with the victor after they beat the living s**t out of each other to prove who’s the stronger of the two.


Sports today pretty much runs the same course especially Football, an improper tackle, a intentional hit (bulldozing the opposing player just for kicks) after the play was over already from one player to another, could cause a serious adrenaline pumped brawl over both teams in a faction of a second.


IMG_0364[1]But hey it’s in man’s nature to destroy himself, and that’s because humans are not perfect in any way shape of form and will sometimes adopt to destructive behavior to just prove a point.


But overall looks like Ellington is going to be ok, and I’m sure he knows that payback can come later down the road when they face off against the Jaguars again.


He claims that he didn’t have a bone to pick with Jason Baben of the (even though Baben wind-up with a big fat lock of hair from Ellignton’s ), most players would pobably even the playing ground when they would meet next time someway shomehow.


That’s just the nature of the sport of Football itself, it’s nothing personal but it’s all about getting the job done.


And that’s crushing the opposing team for that victory. 


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Andre Ellington’s Hair Gets Tackled..

(By: Jaye Irons)


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